Poems from Morocco: Let’s Unite to Celebrate Humanity


By Abdelmajid Erouhi     

A “Borderless” Poem

Never talk to a bee as it is fecundating a sunflower,

Never talk to a butterfly as it is flying over a daisy,

Just keep seeing and thinking, and never glower

At them, just wonder on the way they go crazy!

Never abort their tuneful warbles while singing,

Never vex them or repress their deep thinking,

So, let them write the way their hearts like,

Let them think the way their minds like,

Let them sing the way their tongues love,

 Let them have fun and fly with a cooing dove!

Never besiege or cage them in poetic death,

Never make them short of imaginative breath.

What garrulous lips that oppose calm and freedom!

Oh! Maybe they ignore that silence is wisdom!

 Maybe, they think the two singers hate talking.

Yes, It’s true a bee and a butterfly hate talking,

And hate to be talked to while pollinating,

So, never imprison their words in one shut up house,

By talking to them about ladies’ soulless blouse,

As the butterfly and the bee like to resort to a journey

Across the world without a passport or a visa of entry,

As they don’t like to keep queuing at the embassy

To meet varied pollinated flowers from other continents,

Where they can go beyond any traditional confinements

Of thinking, feeling and creating a map of poetic seeds

That draws human love and peace that anyone needs,

So, let a ‘poet’ sing and fly like a bee and a butterfly,

Across his borderless world and transnational blue sky

Corona is a Plea for Love!               

How stupid of world colorful peacocks

To boast of their wings and hearts of rocks!

How stupid of woodpeckers to eat bees!

How stupid of birds of prey to harm trees!

How stupid of wolves to eat rabbits!

What a gloomy forest of unfair habits!


How stupid of wealthy peasants

To sow hemlocks to kill thousands

Of pigeons put in dark dungeons,

 Using Hitler’s nuclear weapons!

What a myopia to expose a pigeon to danger!

So, you fail to fight against a Honey badger!

Thus, corona is a cure for such a ‘corona!

It enfeebles tempted vultures’ vile stamina!

What a war that breaks out in the forest!

It stirs up peace and love to reach the crest,

As it’s unwise to keep seeing the waves of sea

And ignore inhaling its breeze that sows glee!

So, let’s quieten the roughness of East-West sea

Let’s stop political tides — it’s a sulky sky’s plea.

As the Nile and Euphrates complain of aridity,

Let’s unite world foes to celebrate humanity!

Enough of greedy guns, enough of grudge that is rife!

Coronavirus warns any lion as there is no eternal life!       


Abdelmajid Erouhi is a Moroccan poet and writer. He is a teacher of English from Zagora, from an Amazigh origin. He is currently teaching in Tantan City in the south of Morocco. He has published some of his poems in different magazines and websites. He has an unpublished collection of poems, and he is now working on a new one. He is also interested in writing short stories. He is pursuing his PhD about Cultural Encounters between the East and the West in Postcolonial Narratives of Contemporary Arab Muslim writers in Diaspora at Sultan Moulay Slimane Faculty of Letters and Humanities in Beni Mellal. He is similarly interested in Travel literature, Diaspora, Cultural Studies and postcolonial theories. Besides, he is interested in Arabic literature.      

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