I am a Woman & Covid 19: An Intruder

By Pravat Kumar Padhy

I am a Woman

the stones stack

one above another

in deep silence

void mingles with the wind

rumbling into the emptiness

****        ****      ****

dark patches

of the colour of the skin

he screams aloud 

as if moon with its lost shine

hides behind the dense cloud

****        ****      ****

she fears to call

the wave by which name

layers over layers

she drags her footmarks

as the rain follows the rain

****        ****      ****


still frightens her

every evening

tears mingle

with her bereaved sea

****    ****    ****
wiping tears

gently from her face

with a needle of hope

she threads the pain in between

reading  life, like an anthology of poem

****    ****    ****

she reminisces

about events long gone by

floating leaves

gather patches  of shadow

mixed with receding sunshine

*****        *****      *****

holding the breeze

near the liberty square

she wishes

the sculpture to proclaim

her expression of tender pray

****     ****     ****

like an adrift tree

often she got bled and burnt

the woman of justice 

holds the beam balance,

the cover page of Social science

Note: These five-line poems are excerpts from the manuscript, “I am a Woman”

Covid-19: An Intruder


like a deep forest…

invisible invaders

axe everyone, like trees

falling silently into sleep

****    ****    ****

all around

beyond the border

a tremor of panic

swollen eyes turn

into craters of stormy rain

****    ****    ****

since sunrise

he has been breathing hard  

a stone even feels

the pain of suffering

as he strides towards his last evening

****    ****      ****

his last word

mingles with void…

we scream aloud

as the storm blows away

all the petals of our hope

****    ****    ****

aliens, if any,

might be wondering

about the planet

deep shadow of silence

eclipses under the trembling fear

****    ****    ****

dawn to dust

a long walk to the cemetery…

the last line

in the book of condolence

reads curse of the cruel Covid-19

****    ****    ****

seed of hope

lies under the soil

to sprout

wish for mankind to witness

the garden of flower and fragrance

Pravat Kumar Padhy has obtained his Masters of Science and Technology and a Ph.D from Indian Institute of Technology, ISM Dhanbad. His literary work is cited in Interviews with Indian Writing in English, Spectrum History of Indian Literature in English, Alienation in Contemporary Indian English Poetry, History of Contemporary Indian English Poetry etc. His poems received many awards and commendations including the Editors’ Choice Award at Writers Guild of India, Asian American Poetry, Poetbay, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, UNESCO International Year Award of Water Co-operation and others. His tanka, ‘I mingle’ is featured in the “Kudo Resource Guide”, University of California, Berkeley. His poem, “How Beautiful” is included in the Undergraduate English Curriculum at the university level.

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